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Tag-Based Series

Create article series based on tags, without cluttering up tag clouds with series names, and use a widget to display a link to the parent series from any post that is a member of a series.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

One of the easiest ways to implement an article series is simply to tag each article in a series with a series-specific tag. However, that clutters up tag clouds with additional tags and doesn’t provide an easy way of specifically marking as post as part of a series, as distinct from simply marking it as including a particular tag or set of tags. This plugin performs two jobs:

  • it removes series-specific tags from the tag cloud, and
  • it provides a widget which can appear on each article that is part of a series, mentioning that it is part of a series and providing a link to the corresponding tag archive.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress via the usual widget standards:

  • widgets_init
  • WP_Widget

The plugin also makes use of:

  • tag_cloud_sort

Configuration and Flexibility

The widget control can be used to specify the title and the template for the text and link to be displayed, to set whether the output should be texturized and/or be wrapped in paragraph tags, and to specify any particular posts where the widget should not appear.

Note that the plugin is currently hard-coded to recognise tags which indicate a series by way of the text “Series on…” However, the plugin could be extended to make this text a user-configurable option accessible via the WordPress administrative interface.