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Pages Show Sub-Pages

Provides a shortcode to show titles and excerpts of sub-pages of the current page, or to show other sets of pages, rendered either via simple built-in list formatting or via a function provided by the theme.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

This plugin provides a shortcode which can be used in posts or pages to display arbitrary sets of pages — or, by default, to display direct sub-pages of the current page. Display of the pages and optional excerpts can be handled either internally, by the plugin — which provides choices of simple ordered, unordered, and definition lists — or externally, by a theme file.

This plugin forms the heart of a set of plugins which together help make WordPress a more viable solution for managing large CMS-style collections of hierarchically organised content, as distinct from chronologically organised blog content.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress primarily by tapping into the following:

  • add_shortcode()
  • get_pages()

Configuration and Flexibility

While the plugin needs no administrative interface, at the shortcode level it is highly extensible and includes several options for modifying output or sending processing to a theme file. It also provides external access to the resulting page set, enabling the theme or other plugins to tap into the page set without running another potentially costly database query.