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Paged Comment URL Fix

For WordPress 2.7 and above, this plugin fixes get_comment_link to point to the post’s URL if the comment is available there, rather than to a separate page of comments.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

Many themes display comments on the same page as the post itself and then add new pages to accommodate new comments as the first page overflows. Unfortunately, WordPress defaults to pointing users to a separate page of comments even when there is only one comment and no paging is needed. This can be confusing to users — as they wind up on a different page than they started on — and is also undesirable from the perspective of search engines — which notice the link to a page of duplicate content.

This plugin fixes that so that if a user comment has just submitted a comment, and that comment is available on the main post page, the user gets sent back to the main post page rather than to a new page of comments.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress primarily by tapping into the following:

  • get_comment_link

Configuration: None

No administrator time is required — just plug and play!