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Logged in Menu Widget

Show a menu only to logged in users or, alternatively, only to users who are not logged in.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

Particularly for membership-based sites, it can be useful to display menu content in a widget area which is exclusive to logged in users — or, alternatively, to display menu content only to users who are not logged in, such as a pointer to register for the site. This widget provides this functionality for any menu which has been defined via the standard WordPress menu interface.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress via the usual widget standards:

  • widgets_init
  • WP_Widget

Configuration and Flexibility

The widget control can be used to specify a title, a specific menu, whether users should be required to be logged in before seeing the widget, and whether the menu should be hidden from logged in users. It also supports the addition of an optional classname to be added to the widget wrapper, to help with CSS styling.