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IMP Heading Fixer

Fix the inflexible headings enforced by the ‘I Make Plugins’ plugin.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

Although the ‘I Make Plugins’ plugin, by Mark Jaquith, provides lots of handy templating support, it makes assumptions about heading tags which might or might not fit with your theme’s existing heading structure. The IMP Heading Fixer replaces one set of hard-coded assumptions with a different set of hard-coded assumptions — but could be extended to make the assumptions configurable by an administrator.

At the moment, this plugin assumes that we want main headings for individual plugin pages at h2. Therefore, by way of example, any top-level headings within a plugin’s readme which IMP automatically parses and sets at h4 will be moved up to h3.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress primarily by tapping into the following:

  • cws_imp_plugin_body

Configuration: None

No administrator time is required — just plug and play!