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Comment Paging Fixer

Fix WordPress’s hard-coded presumptions about comment page numbering — to be used specifically when displaying comments paged and not along with post content at the post permalink.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

By default, WordPress assumes that comments are always going to be displayed on the same page as the post, so the function get_comments_pagenum_link() drops the -1 page suffix or the -maxnum page suffix (depending on whether newest or oldest comments page is displayed first) from the relevant URL, totally fouling up any system where comments are displayed only on comments pages and not on the post itself.

This plugin fixes the problem for themes which always display comments paged, rather than beginning on the post itself.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress primarily by tapping into the following:

  • get_comments_pagenum_link

Configuration: None

No administrator time is required — just plug and play!