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Author Disclosure

For financial blogs, this plugin provides an extra box on the post editing screen to specify ticker symbols for author interests and adds a disclosure to the end of post content.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

When writing financial content, many authors find it useful to note any particular companies in which they might have a financial interest. This plugin adds a box to the post editing screen where ticker symbols, currencies, and the like can be specified. When the article is viewed, the plugin will collect this information and append a special element at the end of the post which tucks the ticker information away into a data- attribute and CSS style. Combined with a special class specifying CSS generated content, this method avoids cluttering up the page content with unnecessary material, because while it will still appear as text for any modern browser, it won’t actually be present as text within the post content.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress primarily by tapping into the following:

  • the_content
  • add_meta_box()
  • save_post
  • admin_menu

Configuration and Flexibility

This plugin adds a meta box to the post editing screen.