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Affiliate Link Disclosure

Insert a discreet link to an affiliate disclosure notice after each affiliate link which has been marked with the ‘afflink’ class; display the notice itself using CSS generated content.

What this Plugin Makes Possible

This plugin provides a clean and simple way to disclose paid affiliate links: add the afflink class to any link which is an affiliate link, and this plugin will insert a small superscript with a direct link to a separate element added at the end of the post content.

By displaying the disclosure notice at the end of the post comment with CSS generated content rather than actual textual content inserted into the post, you can keep your content free of extraneous text and limit the inserted markup to just a single empty paragraph with a CSS ID of afflink_disclosure.

How it Works

This plugin communicates with WordPress primarily by tapping into the following:

  • the_content

Configuration: None

No administrator time is required — just plug and play!