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Photo by creating in the dark -

Introducing an extensive portfolio of 4 released plugins and 46 newer, unreleased plugins — including the novel Faster Cache for WordPress, with hassle-free adaptive cache expiry — which are now ready for adoption.

Get in Touch for an Instant Plugin Portfolio

If you’re a creative WordPress developer looking to broaden your plugin offerings, here’s an opportunity to acquire an instant portfolio of 50 plugins.

After several years of providing a small number of plugins for public use and creating dozens more for sites owned by my company, I’m now opening a complete portfolio of 50 plugins for bids from inspired developers who would like to adopt them.

Get in touch right now if you’d like to make an offer for the full package, or keep reading for more details on each of the plugins now available:

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Meet the Plugins

The highlight of the newer set of plugins included in the portfolio is the Faster Cache for WordPress, which takes real world caching performance up several notches with hassle-free adaptive cache expiry; more on that plugin is available at its own dedicated site.

For details on each of the older plugins (with their significantly older coding techniques…cough!), see “Greg’s Publicly Released Plugins”.

And here’s more on each of the other newer plugins now available:

Affiliate Link Disclosure
Insert a discreet link to an affiliate disclosure notice after each affiliate link which has been marked with the 'afflink' class; display the notice itself using CSS generated content.
Alphabetical Archives
Show archives alphabetically for selected categories, tags, and authors.
Author Archives Include Pages
Include pages (in addition to posts) in author archives.
Author Cross-Promotion Widget
Display author cross-promotion information in a sidebar or other widget area.
Author Disclosure
For financial blogs, this plugin provides an extra box on the post editing screen to specify ticker symbols for author interests and adds a disclosure to the end of post content.
Auto Cross Linker
This automatic phrase cross-linker was originally written to replace the old aLinks plugin.
Button Widget
Display a CSS formatted button, for example to leave a comment or visit a contact page, using a widget that can be restricted by category, sub-category, post ID, etc.
Category Archive Nuker
Drop the archive view for one or more specific categories or tags as well as dropping the corresponding feeds.
Category-Specific Text Widget
Display text or html only in specific categories, with several options to restrict the widget from appearing on specific posts, sub-categories, or where ads are disabled via a meta flag.
Click Tags
Inspired by the old 'Clicktags' plugin, which was written by Andy Staines, the clickable tag interface has now been recreated for WordPress 3.0 and above.
Comment Paging Fixer
Fix WordPress's hard-coded presumptions about comment page numbering -- to be used specifically when displaying comments paged and not along with post content at the post permalink.
DB Queries
Show the number of database queries and time taken for them in the admin footer as well as in the ordinary footer for logged in administrators.
Em Dash Hairspaces
Place typographically correct hairspaces around em dashes.
From Address Setter
Configure the 'From:' address details for emails sent by WordPress.
IMP Heading Fixer
Fix the inflexible headings enforced by the 'I Make Plugins' plugin.
Logged in Menu Widget
Show a menu only to logged in users or, alternatively, only to users who are not logged in.
Login CSS Version Remover
Kill the version number appended as a query string to the login page CSS URL.
Outta Range Archive Redirector
Take any request for a paged category, tag, or author archive that uses too high a page number, and redirect it to the main archive page for that tag or category or author.
Page Menu Widget
This contextually aware page menu widget is designed to work with CMS-style page organisation, creating a menu on-the-fly that shows just the pages for the branch of the tree where the current page lives.
Page-Specific Button Widget
Display a CSS formatted button, for example to leave a comment or visit another specific page, on specified pages.
Page-Specific Text Widget
Display text or HTML only on specific pages or page trees.
Paged Comment URL Fix
For WordPress 2.7 and above, this plugin fixes get_comment_link to point to the post's URL if the comment is available there, rather than to a separate page of comments.
Pages Admin Filter
Provides a parent-page filter for the admin interface, useful when managing large-ish numbers of pages in a CMS style.
Pages Have Categories
Enables pages to have categories; works nicely in conjunction with the plugins for enabling pages to have tags and excerpts.
Pages Have Excerpts
Enables pages to have excerpts; works nicely in conjunction with the plugins for enabling pages to have categories and tags.
Pages Have Tags
Enables pages to have tags; works nicely in conjunction with the plugins for enabling pages to have categories and excerpts.
Pages Show Sub-Pages
Provides a shortcode to show titles and excerpts of sub-pages of the current page, or to show other sets of pages, rendered either via simple built-in list formatting or via a function provided by the theme.
Password Reset Clarifier
Make it really REALLY obvious when we're showing a password reset form, not a login page.
Post ID Enabler
This plugin restores the display of post IDs in the Manage Posts screen, which was removed around version 2.5 or so.
Post-to-Post Links
Taking inspiration from Scott Reilly's original, this plugin provides a more modern and flexible way of linking between posts and also of linking to categories.
Private Full Feed Enabler
Provide a full-text RSS feed privately, while leaving the main feed as a summary only.
Query Check
For development and debugging purposes, this plugin dumps a copy of the WordPress query into an HTML comment when used by a logged in administrator.
S2 EOT Column
Enhance the popular s2Member plugin by showing sortable EOT (End of Term) and last payment date columns when listing users.
S2 Payment Failure Notifier
Enhance the popular s2Member plugin by automatically sending a paid user an email notice if their membership renewal payment should fail.
S2 Simple Login Widget
Enhance the popular s2Member plugin with a simplified login/logout widget.
For themes which display a thumbnail image for each post listed in an archive, grab the thumbnails in advance, stitch them into a single sprite, and display the thumbnails as CSS background images.
SyntaxHighlighter Cleanup
Significantly increase performance by combining CSS and JavaScript calls and getting rid of unnecessary stuff dropped into the footer by Viper007Bond's plugin for Alex Gorbatchev's SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript.
Table of Contents Builder
Automatically generate an article's table of contents, based on its heading tags. Inspired by the original TOC plugin amh-toc (by Andreas Holstenson), and WP Table of Contents (by Laran Evans).
Tag-Based Series
Create article series based on tags, without cluttering up tag clouds with series names, and use a widget to display a link to the parent series from any post that is a member of a series.
Untexturize by Class
Protect the contents of a div or other tag with a specific class from being texturized, while still enabling WordPress auto paragraphs.
Additional Plugins Not Yet Ready for Release
A few more plugins are not quite ready for public consumption but might still form the basis of plugins that could be released for wider use.