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WordPress Plugins Get Performance Boost in Preparation for WordPress 3.0

With nearly 50,000 downloads between them, all four of our popular WordPress plugins have received major updates that can significantly boost performance even before WordPress 3.0 arrives (any day now).

Photo by Greg
Photo by Greg

NOTE: This article was originally published on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog and was later moved here to

Continuing our tradition of offering open source releases of some of the software tools we use here at, we’ve updated all four of the plugins we’ve so far made public. For each plugin, we’ve completed a major overhaul of how the software’s settings are stored internally which will result in a significantly smaller database footprint and may provide higher performance as a result.

Greg’s High Performance SEO

Offering the highest performance available from any WordPress SEO package, this plugin provides straightforward access to over 100 separate on-page parameters, while loading fewer than 700 lines of code per page view.

Just click here to grab the latest version of Greg’s High Performance SEO from the WordPress plugin repository.

Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

With the advent of WordPress 2.7, all the old methods for numbering comments unfortunately became obsolete. Hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of different themes which relied on a simple incrementing counter stopped working correctly with the 2.7 update, and in many cases theme authors simply dropped support for numbering rather than sort out twists and tangles of the new comment handling code.

Fortunately, this plugin steps in to provide a return to the good old days of persistent comment numbers that help readers locate specific comments — and with full support for threaded comments right up to the maximum of 10 levels provided by WordPress.

Just click here to grab the latest version of Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering from the WordPress plugin repository.

Greg’s Comment Length Limiter

Everyone who leaves the WordPress commenting system switched on values the comments which readers leave on their posts. Unfortunately, however, without any built-in system for limiting the length of those submissions, there’s little to stop reader feedback (or the inevitable spam) from swamping the content provided in the original post. This plugin provides a lightweight implementation of exactly that.

Just click here to grab the latest version of Greg’s Comment Length Limiter from the WordPress plugin repository.

Greg’s Show Total Conversations

Want to show at a glance how many separate discussion threads make up the total set of comments on a given post? No problem: activate this plugin and see the total in the admin interface, on individual posts, or on archive pages.

Just click here to grab the latest version of Greg’s Show Total Conversations from the WordPress plugin repository.

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