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Updates for Comment Numbering Plugin and SEO Plugin for WordPress 2.9

With WordPress 2.9 just around the corner, we thought our readers who are also bloggers might like to be prepared in advance for some important changes that are coming up. Updates to our two most popular plugins (with around 16,000 downloads between them, as of this writing) have you covered.

Photo by Greg
Photo by Greg

NOTE: This article was originally published on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog and was later moved here to

Continuing our tradition of offering open source releases of some of the software tools we use here at, we’ve updated two of our most popular WordPress plugins in preparation for version 2.9 of the popular blogging platform, which should be out some time before the end of 2009. Here’s a rundown.

Greg’s High Performance SEO

WordPress 2.9 introduces a rudimentary API for plugin authors to create custom post types in addition to the four we have now (namely: post, page, revision, and attachment). Because it’s impossible to know in advance what clever new post types may be created by plugin authors, or how blog owners might like to handle SEO for those new post types, Greg’s High Performance SEO now makes it possible for third parties to modify the results it produces for post titles, secondary titles, and secondary descriptions. With the flick of a switch in your admin panel, you can now enable other plugins to tweak these results for any new custom post types that might be created.

Just click here to grab the latest version of Greg’s High Performance SEO from the WordPress plugin repository.

Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering

A new undo-able ‘trash’ debuts in WordPress 2.9, offering a way to get rid of things with less of the occasional but crushing “oops, I didn’t mean to do that” reaction. The new trash makes it easier than ever to wind up with orphaned comments (where an orphaned comment is a reply to a comment which has been removed by the administrator). So, the new version of this plugin for numbering reader comments left on your posts beefs up detection of orphaned comments and ensures that whether they’re deleted, trashed, or were left at a higher threading depth than you currently have on your blog, they’ll still be numbered correctly.

For highest performance, it’s always best just to make sure you don’t leave orphaned comments sitting around — but if you do, just enable the plugin’s option to check explicitly for deleted or trashed comments, and you’ll be covered.

Just click here to grab the latest version of Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering from the WordPress plugin repository.

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