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    Hi Greg,

    thanks much for your reply. I think I understand the predicament. There seems to be a trade-off between performance plus maintaining independence from plugins VS the ability to have long post titles plus keeping other references within WP short.

    I think the performance issue is huge. I am all for using 200 VS 2000 lines of code.

    The title issue, however, is such a hard pill to swallow that I remain torn precisely in the middle. :)

    Best regards,

    • 41.1

      Hi Nima, do you mean there is a “title issue” with this plugin?

    • 41.2

      Hi Nima,

      I appreciate that you see this as ‘an issue’; but of course it is an issue only in the sense that WordPress out of the box gives you exactly 1 possible way of specifying a title, and what you are asking for is 3 different ways of specifying a title. (Remember, either plugin you’re talking about gives you the ability to specify 2 separate titles and to use them however you want — in the main title tags, in the body title, wherever and however you wish, depending on where YOU choose to put the template tags. In this respect, they are absolutely functionally equivalent: if you want, you can use my plugin exactly like you used your old one, even if in my own view that’s a bad idea. But if I understand correctly, you seem to want a third title?) I’ve made a judgement to preserve the integrity of built-in WordPress post titles at all costs, while adding extra functionality. Other folks might make that call a different way.

      In my personal view (performance issues and architecture decisions aside), I think you’re attaching too much importance to long main title tags. For search engine purposes, main titles should not be hugely long: making them extra-long is, without question, a mistake, at least given what evidence is currently available ‘on the outside’ about how all this information is handled ‘on the inside’ of search engines. Human readers don’t much like crazy-long title tags either.

      And if you’re displaying lots and lots of menus, etc. full of those extra-long titles, I personally would suggest lightening it all up a bit and maybe not hitting readers with quite so many links in the first place.

      Just my tuppence,

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    this depends on what your needs are. It is not an issue in the sense that the plugin malfunctions. It’s just an issue if you would like to have longer title tags AND shorter on page titles AND use the shorter on page titles as links whenever a menu or a list of your pages is pulled up anywhere.


    • 42.1

      Nima, I don’t know how many different ways I can say this same thing: what you’ve written here is just plain wrong. If you want to have longer title tags AND shorter on page titles AND use the shorter on-page titles as links, then simply put your short titles in the main WordPress title field, and put the long titles in the plugin’s secondary title field. Then instead of using the template tag for the main title between your title tags, use the template tag for the secondary title in that position and put the template tag for the main title in your page body.

      But of course that misses the whole point of preserving the integrity and priority of the built-in WordPress main title storage; thus my previous lengthy replies and the whole section about it in the plugin’s instructions…

      Sorry, getting frustrated now — so signing off.

      All the best,

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    Greg, after entering keywords into your plugin, posting my page, refreshing my browser, I right clicked the home page, went to view source and tried to find the keywords. I couldn’t find them in the html of my wordpress home page. What am I missing?

    • 44.1

      Hi David,

      As you haven’t given much detail here, I’m going to guess that you’re talking specifically and only about home page keywords (not keywords for post, page, archive, etc.). In that case, you will have entered them into the box for that purpose under “Head Meta Content: Keywords” on the “Head Meta” tab of the plugin’s configuration panel.

      If you’re not seeing the keywords you specified there appearing on your home page, one likely culprit is a missing wp_head call, usually found in your theme’s header.php. If you have a look at the instructions provided (“Instructions” tab, “Head Meta” section), you’ll find a note about this.

      All the best,

  4. 45

    Hi, Great plugin. Very easy to use!

    One issue I have found is that the plugin is unable to deal with posts pages that are not set to the home page. I am receiving a title on my posts page in the format ‘News | Blog Name’ and am unable to locate the correct field where this has been set. I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction of where to set this page title to remove the Blog Name being appended to it. Or where to change the code to suit my needs.

    • 45.1

      Hi Shaun,

      If you have a look at the configuration page labelled “Main Titles”, you can set how you would like main titles to appear. Since none of the plugin’s default titles include a vertical pipe, I’m guessing this is left over from your theme default, in which case one possible explanation for what you’re seeing is that you have not yet updated your theme with the appropriate template tag for the main title. Use of the template tags is covered on the plugin’s “Instructions” page.

      All the best,

    • 45.2

      Thanks for the reply Greg, I appreciate your time.
      The title issue – I have no idea where the pipe is coming from, it certainly isn’t present in the theme and is only output when the plugin is enabled.

      The main point in my previous post was that it seems to be an issue with the way I have wordpress configured. The ‘home’ page is not my posts page but is a static page. My posts page is configured to be a static page called ‘news’. Is the plugin designed to work with this configuration? As I am unable as I said previously, to update the title and any meta information on my ‘news’ page, as it is a posts page that is not the home page.

      If you would prefer to take this discussion away from this blog to do some proper debugging feel free to use my contact details attached to this form.

    • 45.3

      Hi Shaun,

      Aha, I get it — partly!

      The pipe problem is fixed in version 1.1, which should be available in the plugin repository soon after this comment appears. Many thanks for the catch.

      As for not being able to edit the title or meta information for your posts page, that’s odd. Since there is no difference at all in the editing screen used for a page that is your home page or posts page vs. a page that is anywhere else on your blog, it sounds like the plugin’s writing and editing additions haven’t been enabled at all for the editing screens (or they have been, but you are logged in as a non-admin and have also told the plugin not to show them for non-admins).

      You can enable these on the plugin’s main configuration page; then head straight for “Pages” from the main WordPress admin menu, and edit the relevant page.

      All the best,

    • 45.4

      Hello again Greg! Thanks for the update that did indeed fix the pipe issue I was experiencing!

      I am still unable to edit the meta data of the (non-front) posts page however. All the editing features are enabled and the data is stored in the database, unfortunately this is not coming through on the posts page.

      Another downside is that the title for both my front (static) page and the posts page are taken from the SEO settings page where I specify the default titles when a secondary title is not specified. This means I cannot change them independently.

      If you would like I can provide you with access to an installation to demonstrate the behaviour I am trying to explain. I have tried looking at the code myself but cannot seem to find how to create a distinction between the titles of a ‘frontnotpaged’ and a ‘home’ type.

    • 45.5

      Hi Shaun,

      Aha, now I get it — it’s not that you could not edit the title or meta information, it’s that what you had put there just wasn’t showing properly. (I’ve spent hours chasing down pointless paths…)

      Check out version 1.2, in the plugin repository now — all known issues with handling static front page and static posts page are fixed. No further enhancements are planned for the static configuration.

      All the best,

    • 45.6

      Many thanks Greg for this, I’m sorry if my earlier posts were not clear and caused you wasted time.

      I will make a contribution to the continuing development of this plugin, when I have some money together after christmas. As I plan to use it well into the future and I’m sure you have many other features that you could implement!

      Keep up the great work Greg!

    • 45.7

      No problem, Shaun — and you’re very welcome. There were several underlying problems with how the plugin was handling the static front page configuration, which your experience really brought into focus. Thanks for your patience as we zeroed in on what was going on.

      All the best,

  5. 46

    I just came to your plugin yesterday after using “All In One” for the past year. Looks great! Thank you!!

    Quick question though : Do I need to go back and enter information into your plugin for all of my old posts or is the information that I entered with the old plugin still there? I am assuming that this is the case but I would love a definite answer.

    Thank You !!

    • 46.1

      Hi Paul,

      No problem: if you have a peek at the “Legacy SEO Plugins” section of the plugin’s admin panel, you can configure whether and how you would like data left behind by other plugins to be used. There’s also a bit under the “Instructions” section of the admin panel which explains how the legacy data is extracted, and how it is prioritised in case you’ve used more than one in the past.

      All the best,

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    Great plugin thanks for sharing. This is by far the best seo plugin for wordpress.

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    Keith Davis

    Hi Greg
    Looks like a lot of interest in your plugin and you obviously do your best to help people out.
    I’ve just set up a WordPress site and am keen to sort out SEO early on. Particularly this Duplicate content business.

    The other important thing is “load time” and you highlight the number of lines of code that other plugins insert.

    I’ve looked at All in one SEO and Platinum SEO and then came across your plugin.
    I note from the comments that lots of people have gone from All in one SEO to your plugin, so I might start my SEO using your plugin.

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    That is Great plugin! I am happy that i find his plugin :)
    I use wpmu and want to know how can i block configuration page from users.

    • 49.1

      Although many of our users have reported they’ve installed the plugin for WPMU with no problems, I do not personally provide support to help folks configure their WPMU blogs. There are plenty of resources out there, however, which explain the difference between the two different WPMU plugin folders and how to use plugins like Plugin Commander to determine who gets to use what.

      As a side note, though, I doubt the plugin would be very useful to your blog authors if you prevent them from configuring it…

      All the best,

  9. 50

    Greg (my childhood name, BTW :),

    Your plugin simplified my job immensely. Due to the plugin’s vast array of SEO options, I’ve had to modify my theme’s header.php file to cut out duplications in the /head area. That’s a good thing as accessing your settings by way of admin is far simpler than modifying theme header.php files – still, it is something for me to be aware of next time I change themes.

    I have a question – how can I make your plugin’s content (description and keywords specifically) appear before the theme’s header.php info? I’ve read that having Title, Keywords, then Description meta tags at the top of the page is good for SEO.

    I’m impressed with your plugin – and your support.


    • 50.1

      Hi Joseph,

      Yep, no problem — just move your header’s call to wp_head() farther up the page to wherever you would like the content to appear. The plugin uses the wp_head() hook to supply content for that section of the page, so wherever wp_head() appears in your theme source code determines where that content will appear.

      I’m glad to hear it’s working well for you. I too have found it can be much easier to maintain things via the admin panel than via theme file modifications — especially when running multiple blogs with a common set of theme files.

      All the best,

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