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Greg’s Show Total Conversations Plugin for WordPress Updated to Version 1.1

Continuing with the updates to our free plugins for fellow WordPress users, this new version of the threaded conversations counter brings higher performance, several minor enhancements, and a revamped administrative interface.

NOTE: This article was originally published on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog and was later moved here to

Following our other two plugin updates this week (see “WordPress Threaded Comment Numbering Plugin Updated” and “WordPress Comment Length Limiter Plugin Updated”), this latest update to our WordPress plugin for showing the total number of threaded conversations within a post’s comments brings this plugin up to speed with the underlying code framework now in use for all my plugins. The new framework enables the plugin to run more efficiently during ordinary page views and makes it much quicker and easier to deliver options pages in the administrative interface.

The core functionality hasn’t changed significantly, however, so you should find exactly the same end result on your pages wherever you choose to include a threaded conversation count.

For more background on the plugin, please see the original release plugin page here: “Introducing Greg’s Show Total Conversations Plugin for WordPress”.

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