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New Version of Comment Numbering Plugin Adds Features and Fixes

Just a week after its first public release, Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering plugin for WordPress has reached release 1.1, with an increase in hierarchical numbering up to 10 levels, plus an extra new counting mode, enhanced performance, and an important fix for users encountering avatar problems.

NOTE: This article was originally published on the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog and was later moved here to

When this plugin was originally released, the full contents of the 'README' file were provided here in this article. Since the contents of the 'README' file evolve over time, I have now removed the original version but have kept this stub posting so as to preserve the comments which were made at the time.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This plugin now has newer versions! For information on subsequent releases, please see the update announcements here:

This new release comes with a big thank you to all the folks who have sent along feedback on the initial version — I really appreciate it!

Also, for existing users: please be sure to visit the plugin options page as soon as you upgrade to the new version, in order to specify your preferred level of numbering. The upgrade will default to level 1.
(For folks who didn’t notice this note or the corresponding one in the README file, a new version 1.1.1 release will change the level to 2 if it has never been set.)

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1:

Increased Hierarchical Numbering Levels
Previously, the plugin numbered only the first two levels of threaded comments (e.g., comment number 2 and its replies numbered 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.). However, feedback from users suggests that plenty of people would like the option of numbering threaded replies at 3, 4, or even the full 10 levels supported by WordPress. So now we have it! Note that the plugin setting for maximum numbering depth operates independently of the main admin setting for how many levels of threading you allow on your blog. So you can, for example, enable 5 levels of threading on your blog while only actually numbering 2 or 3 levels.
Jumble Count Mode
Some users would rather just see the order in which their comments were submitted, and this new release makes that possible. (If you have threaded comments enabled, the order in which comments are displayed of course doesn’t match the order in which they were received, so the ‘Jumble Count’ can leave you with a sequence of numbers that looks like a bit of a jumble.) If you don’t have threading enabled, Jumble Count will give exactly the same results as a regular count. Since Jumble Count is more computationally expensive than an ordinary count, however, you should opt for a regular count whenever you have threading switched off.
Rewritten Core Numbering Routines
New routines handle the numbering in a significantly improved way, so this already speedy plugin is now even faster and more efficient.
Fix for the Built-In Basic Callback Function
Many users without their own wp_list_comments() callback functions are relying on the rudimentary callback function which is built into the plugin, and an important fix for this basic function overcomes the problem some users were having with default avatar behaviour.
Enhanced Handling of Bugs in the Way WordPress Handles Orphaned Comments
As of version 1.1.2, a new option enables more aggressive handling of bugs in the way WordPress orders orphaned threads: you can now check explicitly whether a comment’s parent has been deleted before trying to number it (since WordPress displays orphaned comments in the wrong order).

For more background on the plugin, please see the original release plugin page here: “Introducing Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering Plugin for WordPress”.

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