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Photo by Horia Varlan -

If I want something to work a little differently on one of my sites that uses WordPress, sometimes I write a plugin. Very very occasionally, I release them into the wild.

Some Context and a Bit About Me

Please note that I don’t sell WordPress services of any type, including coding or consulting.

My company Mulhauser Consulting operates a range of websites in behavioural healthcare and mental health, general human and animal health, finance and investments, and technology. We also work with a strictly limited clientele of individuals, corporations, and government organisations.

Relatively recently, I briefly managed some modest cryptocurrency hedge funds counting several dozen participants between them; a summary of my private investment background is available separately.

Prior to Mulhauser Consulting, I worked at the Pentagon, UK universities, and most recently the telecommunications giant BT, where I was originally employed as a research scientist in cognition, complex systems and biologically inspired computation before moving to business strategy roles and advising on corporate venturing and M&A projects. My educational background is in mathematics, philosophy, and mental health.

Why I Write Plugins

I really only write plugins as a way of helping me get something else done. If I wouldn’t want to use it myself — if I don’t feel a pressing need to use it for a particular project — then I don’t write it. At last count, I’ve written around 50 or 60 plugins, most of which see daily use on my own portfolio of sites, but I’ve released fewer than 1 in 10 of those — a grand total of 4. (I think this is actually fairly typical: plenty of developers out there write plenty of WordPress plugins which actually never see the public light of day.)

So this site is here specifically as an information hub just for that small set of plugins which I’ve actually released. I used to post about the plugins over in the Psychology, Philosophy and Real Life blog at, but I’ve since mothballed the old posts on WordPress topics and moved them to

As for my background with WordPress, I began using (and developing for) WordPress in 2004, with version 1.2. In fact, a few of my plugins — including Greg’s High Performance SEO — actually include snippets of code left over from way back then. At that time, I was relatively new to PHP itself, and my most recent prior programming experience was writing reams upon reams of x86 assembly language. Can you tell? (Ha! Looking at some of my plugins is like looking into the past. I sure don’t write code like that any more…) I’ve been running several of my sites or sections of sites on WordPress for more than a decade now and have converted several old static sites to the platform.

Although WordPress handles thousands of pages of content across several of my sites, even more content is handled by underlying CMS engines of my own creation, some of which tap into comparatively large MySQL databases.

About the Site’s Unofficial Logo

The graphic portion of our unofficial logo was created by the talented Czech designer Petr Vaclavek and is used under license, copyright © Vaclavek.

Registered Office

Mulhauser Consulting, Ltd. is registered in England no. 4455464. Registered office: 2 Mill Road, Haverhill, Suffolk CB9 8BD.